The goat's milk base contains a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin, helping you cleanse your skin to help you shave with ease & evenness while leaving your skin feeling super smooth & super hydrated! The addition of Shea butter and Soy also act as skin protectants and prevent dryness & irritation.

✔ Long lasting lather. This shaving soap easily creates a rich lather that lubricates your skin for a rich, creamy touch. The lather is also long lasting unlike many other shaving creams and gels which tend to dry out. 

✔ Super hydration. The Shea butter and other natural ingredients leave your skin feeling smooth and incredibly moisturized, never oily. The Shea butter also nourishes your skin and prevents dryness or irritation. 

✔ Fights oil, dirt, and grime for max skin protection. The activated formula acts as a super moisturizer to protect skin and eliminating oils, dirt, and grime from your skin for all-inclusive support giving you healthy super-clean skin!

✔ Made in the USA. 


Net Weight: 3.8 Oz.
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Soy, and Himalayan Oil
Base: Goat's Milk
Scents:  Harbor Springs (Coconut Lime Verbena) or Glen Arbor (Lavender)

Zero Waste Shave Soap