All-natural replacement for fabric softener - saves energy by reducing drying time, reduces static cling and wrinkles, and softens fibers.  Unlike conventional fabric softeners, completely safe for synthetic fabrics- does not leave waxy residue on clothing.  Handcrafted in the USA from USA wool.  4 balls in biodegradable packaging.

Wool Dryer Balls



Most dryer balls sold online, even with claims to be made from "New Zealand wool", are constructed in impoverished nations with few safety regulations.  Online retailers can purchase such dryer balls at a deep discount from Alibaba, package them up with claims of being made from 'New Zealand wool', and sell them for many, many times their cost.  The buyer has no idea about the factory's practices: worker safety, fair pay, the solvents used in wool processing, etc.

Have a question about our dryer balls, or want to talk to the farmer that made them? Questions about the production process? Ask us-we know the farmer!

Food for thought: Who needs our support more: Amazon, or the American farmer?