These creamy highlighters are packed with pure mineral pigments for a high saturation of color, a beautiful intense shimmer, and excellent staying power throughout the day.  Skin-loving apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil moisturize and pamper.

AZTEC GOLD:   Deep bronze tones draw shimmering light to the skin. Ideal for medium to dark skin tones, Aztec Gold is intensely pigmented and applies effortlessly to the skin.

SUNBEAM:  Rich golden tones of light will dance along the skin after applying Sunbeam. Beautiful on all skin tones, this product brings warm, bright highlights to the face and décolletage.

WHIPPED STARDUST:  Imparts a light, cool shimmer highlight to the cheeks and  décolletage.  Beautiful on light to medium skin tones, this shade brightens the face and bounces pearlescent light off the skin. 

GOLDEN SANDS:  Bright shimmery tones of gold, pink, and beige. Ideal for light to medium skintones, its peachy beige color is reminiscent of the setting sun as it casts dancing light over shimmering sand dunes in a far away paradise.