Skinny Butcher Buffalo Chick’n Mac & Cheese

It’s common knowledge that buffaloes don’t have wings, so where the heck do buffalo wings come from, anyway? From Buffalo, of course. Well, the Skinny Butcher has taken the tangy taste of a great Buffalo-style sauce and used it to make his already scrumptious plant-based chick’n even more scrumptious. But the Butcher believes that anything worth doing delicious is worth doing even more delicious. So, he paired his Buffalo-style chick’n chunks with—wait for it—the cheesy goodness of restaurant quality mac & cheese.

While Buffalo-style chick’n chunks dance on your tongue, creamy mac & cheese lulls them into savory submission, yielding a combination of flavors that will make you an instant acolyte of the Skinny Butcher and his amazing powers of ready meal perfection. This ain’t your open-the-box-and-mix-in-the-powder mac & cheese. Oh, no! It takes gourmet quality, restaurant-style mac & cheese to be worthy of the plant-based protein perfection that characterizes anything with the Skinny Butcher name on it. Get in on the secret.

10 ounce package.

Vegetarian Buffalo Mac & Cheese


Fresher Longer the All-natural Way with No Artificial Preservatives

What the heck is HPP you ask? It stands for High-Pressure Processing, and that’s just a fancy way of saying that the Skinny Butcher uses simple cold-water pressure to make sure his products are wholesome and virtually free of the things that cause food to spoil too soon. That’s it in a nutshell! Since the Butcher eschews using artificial preservatives of any kind, the things you chew with the Skinny Butcher name on it will always be all-natural, period.

Ready Meals that are Ready When You Are

Take the Butcher’s ready meals, for instance. They’re made wholesome, packaged and immersed in cold water that’s subjected to immense pressure for a few minutes. Up to 86,000 pounds PSI, in fact. That’s more than five times the pressure found at the deepest part of the seven oceans! This simple process means Skinny Butcher meals can stay fresh for 30 days or more in your refrigerator. It also means that the Butcher never has to resort to freezing his ready meals in order to extend shelf life. FRESH, NEVER FROZEN, MEANS YOU CAN TAKE THEM FROM THE MICROWAVE TO THE DINNER TABLE IN RIGHT AROUND 2 MINUTES. And, they taste better than frozen meals. Fresh always tastes better. To summarize:

• Skinny Butcher products stay fresher longer without the use of artificial preservatives

• The Skinny Butcher really does have an HPP machine, and his products are all-natural,
   taste better, and are safer because of HPP

• They taste better because his products are always fresh, never frozen

• The Skinny Butcher may look old-fashioned, but looks can be deceiving

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