Make packing lunches for the office, for school, and packing baby food plastic-free! No more worrying about hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS or any other questionable plastic chemical leaching into food. No more throwaway ziploc bags! These will be become your go-to accessory for meals on the go -picnics, lunches, parties, and more. And packing food for the road can mean saving money and better nutrition!


The 3-Tier Stainless Steel Food Carrier is the answer to the perfect 3 course meal or picnic.  Great for salads, soup (top container is best for liquids), desserts, and more.  Self-latching top container gives you the flexibility to pack just one or take it in its 3-tiered glory. 

Assembled: 6 3/4" H x 4 3/4" D (5 1/2" D, including latches)
Top Unit height: 2"
Middle Unit height: 2 1/4"
Bottom Unit height:  2 1/2" 
Liquid Measurements: 2 cups, for top and middle units; 2 1/2 cups, bottom unit


The 2-Tier Stainless Steel Food Carrier is reusable, lightweight, and has a lid that doubles as a plate. It’s easy to carry and clean, but hard to live without. Great for both cold or hot food, and the planet, too. Fold down the handle to make it compact and easy to store. Perfect for work, school, picnics, or a night out (makes for a stylish doggy bag). There’s nowhere it won’t go…except to landfill. The self-latching top container lets you use one tier alone for snacks or smaller meals, or as a dynamic duo!


Assembled - 5 1/2" H x 6” D (6 3/4" D, including latches) 
Top Unit height: 2 1/2"
Bottom Unit height:  2 3/4” 
Liquid Measurements: 4 3/4 cups, each unit


The 2-Tier Stainless Steel Snack Stack  This reusable, lightweight carrier has a self-latching top container that can be used solo for snacks or smaller meals. But the two tiers together make a dynamic duo. Great for both hot and cold food, it's a perfect size for kids' lunches, and compact enough to tote on your commute to the office. Just pack it, stack it and go!

Dimensions: 4.75" H x 5” D (5 1/2" D, including latches)

Top Unit height: 2" Bottom Unit height: 2 1/2”

Liquid Measurements: 2 cups, for top unit; 2.5 cups, bottom unit


Larger Sidekick Container:   Perfect for dressings, soup, nuts and anything else you might like on the side. Moms love it for those small portions of snack for the kids and they are great for cereals, berries or baby food!

Dimensions: 2" H x 3 1/2" D Liquid Measurements: 1 Cup


Smaller SIdekick Container:  Just a bit smaller than the large Sidekick!

Dimensions: 2" H x 2 1/2" D  Liquid Measurements: 1/2 Cup





Stainless Steel Lunch Containers

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