Did you know that hard water in the household can aggravate eczema and psoriasis?  The Shower Filter reduces contaminants and heavy metals from your shower water. Protect your skin and feel invigorated after showering in purified, softened water.


1. Reduces chlorine by up to 99%.

2. Chlorine reduction helps prevent dry and itchy skin.

3. Filters heavy metals.

4. Softens water and helps nourish skin by adding calcium sulfite, a natural moisturizer.


Filter Life: 4-6 months or 9,510 GAL

Shower Filter


Remembering when to change your filter can be a pain, not to mention that expired filters don't filter contaminants very well. Filter Ease lets you check the status of all your filters and sends you text-message or email reminders telling you when its time to change your filter.

Available on all Devices:   Use on your iPhone, Android, or home computer.

Receive Text, and Email Alerts:  Add your email or phone number to receive reminders when to replace your Santevia filters.

Add all of your filter products:   Add all your alkaline filter products so you are never using an expired filter.