From Northern Ghana. 

So, what's the difference between raw and refined Shea Butter? The difference lies in how the butter is extracted from the nut and how it is processed after extraction. Shea Nuts (Butyrospermum parkii) are picked from the tree, cracked, grilled and pounded to extract the butter. They are then boiled in water until the fresh shea butter rises to the surface. The butter is then scooped into gourds and left to cool and set.

The refining process happens after the butter is extracted.  It can be further refined, thus removing color and impurities that some people don't like. The difference between raw Shea Butter and refined Shea Butter as being similar to the difference between wheat bread and white bread.  Our Shea Butter is mechanically extracted. No chemicals (other than water) are used in the process.

For your safety, this completely natural USDA certified organic shea butter has been filtered to remove any naturally occurring latex found in the kernel of the shea nut.

NOTE: Price by the ounce is ONLY for refilling at our retail store.  We do not ship this product by the ounce.  You may bring your own container or use our container for refilling.  This product is direct-to-consumer; we DO NOT sell bulk quanties of this product for other retail stores.  Refill quantity is limited to 16 ounces per visit.  

Organic Shea Butter

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