Safe & Green Lamp Oil is an odorless, non toxic and readily biodegradable Lamp Oil. This Oil can be used indoors or outdoors and is ideal for our Wine Bottle Oil Lamp Kit.

32 ounceSa bottle is refillabe in our retail store.  If you are interested in purchasing larger bottles, please contact us.


The ONE Fuel For All Of Your Needs. This Product Does Not Contain Any Hazardous Chemicals Listed Under The US Clean-water Act Or California Prop. 65. It’s the perfect substitute/alternative to Paraffin And Kerosene Lamp Oil. It is a combustible, NOT flammable, fuel which is exempt from Department of Transportation Regulations because it is so safe.  There are NO inactive ingredients, such as colorants, which reduce purity.


Smokeless When Used In Vessels That Utilize A Small Or Flat Wick For Example… Liquid Oil Candles, Oil Lamps, Cold-blast Lanterns, Hurricane Lanterns, Diy Mason Jars, Etc.

LARGE WICK (3/8″+) PERFORMANCE (Tiki Torches)

The larger the wick, the more potenital for smoke. Smoke or no smoke depends on the height of the wick. Here is what we suggest… Setting The Wick: Set The Wick Ever So Slightly Above The Wick Holder, About 1/16” To Reduce Smoke And Conserve Fuel. The Flame Will Reach Its Maximum Height Within 5 Minutes.

Performance Considerations

The two variables that affect results are contaminated wicks and wicks that are simply exposed too much. Your torch wastes fuel and smokes excessively when the wick is over exposed.

The wicks should not be exposed more than 1/16″ to provide a nice flame. We keep ours flush with the collar. There are some torches that have poor wick collars that don’t manage the flow of fuel up the wick properly and may require even lower wick heights. Be sure to use high-quality, fiberglass tiki torch wicks.


Safe & Green Lamp Oil


Video about Safe & Green Lamp Oil:

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