Pharoahs Organic Hemp CBD Premium flower pre-rolls, made with only the organic top cola of the hemp plant. Hand rolled with a natural tea leaf or a palm leaf depending on size of pre-roll.

  • 1 and 3 gram size hand rolled with a tea leaf.
  • 5 gram size hand rolled with a palm leaf.
  • Hemp strain – Lifter.  Users can expect a gentle cerebral focus and energy with an ongoing body relaxation that removes aches and pains. Lifter brings with it flavors of sweet funk and lemon and is a great strain for day or night.

Smoking is the most traditional way of consuming cannabis. Pre-rolls are an easy, on-the-go way to take in your daily dose!  

This product is intended for use only by individuals 18 years or older. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to the following:
• That you are of legal age in your state, county, province or territory to purchase CBD hemp/herbal smoking products.
• You agree to use our product for its intended purpose only.

Organic CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls, 'Lifter' Strain

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