The fresh, menthol aroma of peppermint oil has energizing benefits to carry you through the day, from helping you wake up in the morning to relaxing your tired feet at night.


Organic Peppermint Oil


This peppermint essential oil may smell different than you expect because it's unrefined. Most other commercially available peppermint essential oils are refined (re-distilled). Here's the difference:

Our non-re-distilled peppermint essential oil is the pure essence as it occurs in the plant. It contains the plant's naturally occurring aroma -- a balance of suave, creamy, buttery nuances along with the powerful minty (menthol) note.

Re-distilled peppermint oil (purified/isolated menthol) is created by distilling the oil to separate and remove many of the compounds and isolate, then concentrate the menthol. Re-distilled peppermint has a much more one-dimensional, intense menthol aroma. We are more accustomed to this aroma because it is used in products like toothpaste, mouthwash and breath fresheners.