Organic, Non-GMO Verified, KSA Kosher and Fair Trade Certified ground coffee is freshly roasted, ground, and packed in nitrogen flushed cans to lock in peak flavor.

Crafted with a seasonal selection of Water-Process Decaffeinated coffees from the Americas, Café Altura Decaf Regular Roast is a smooth, flavorful medium roast without the kick of caffeine. Boasting notes of caramel and spice, Decaf Regular Roast is sure to please decaf and caffeinated coffee drinkers alike.

Also available in Regular (sold separately).  Don't want all the caffeine of regular coffee, but not ready to give it up completely? Buy both the Decaf and Regular to create your own half caff blend every morning!

Conventional foil coffee bags are not recyclable - this coffee is packaged in metal cans, which is infinitely recyclable in all curbside recycling programs!  Also, your coffee can is refillable in our store.  Bring your can back for more coffee.


Organic Fair Trade Decaf Coffee, Ground