SET OF THREE.   These were designed as dishcloths, but they are FABULOUS for facial care, too!


Unique cloths have soft, raised thread details for easy, non-scratch removal of grease, grime, and dirt!


Can't say enough about them for use with our Zesty Orange Facial Cleanser.   More abrasive cloths and facial brushes can over-stimulate acne-prone skin to produce more oils, and can irritate sensitive, dry skin.  Unique cloths have soft, raised thread details for easy removal of facial cleansing oils and masks.  Facial cleansing oils can't be removed with water alone - this cloth does the trick!

  • Designed with loops for mild exfoliation/dirt removal power
  • 100% organic cotton keeps things clean and green
  • Extra soft, absorbent and long-lasting
  • Set of 3 cloths
  • Non-toxic dyes
  • Available in grey, multicolor, or spring

12" x 12"


100% organic cotton fabric has 100% non-toxic dyes.  Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides and is a sustainable choice over conventional cotton.


Machine Washable: When things get dusty or crusty, just throw your product in the washing machine for a quick pick-me-up without the fear of spreading harmful dyes.  Wash in cold with like colors, tumble dry low, and skip the fabric softener.

Organic Cotton Washcloths