Traditional style maxi pads without wings made from natural materials to make you feel comfortably protected.

Regular absorbency pads are suitable for lighter menstrual flow or towards the end of your period - 14 pads per package

Super absorbency pads are suitable for medium to heavy periods - 12 pads per package

Nighttime pads are  suitable for heavy periods or wearing overnight - 10 pads per package

  • Certified organic cotton cover
  • Plastic free
  • GMO free ingredients
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally Chlorine Free
  • Biodegradable & compostable - home compostable packaging, too!
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

NatraCare Organic Maxi Pads

PriceFrom $5.19

With Natracare pads and liners, you only have certified organic 100% cotton next to your delicate skin. Natural, plant-based materials are breathable and soft to keep you comfortable and dry for everyday protection.

Like all Natracare products, the liners are free from plastics, perfumes and chlorine, helping you to avoid synthetic materials and skin irritants which are present in so many other personal care products.

Many gynaecologists have advised women with sensitive skin to use Natracare pads to reduce their contact with chlorine bleached materials, synthetic cloth, latex and superabsorbent polymers.

Every year, billions of plastic laden pads and liners are disposed of by women. Most of these pads are made from over 90% crude oil plastic which goes on to pollute global environments forever. This plastic waste ends up in landfill sites and oceans, causing visual pollution, damaging marine life and ultimately the food chain. By choosing Natracare, you are saying no to crude oil plastics and yes to sustainable and renewable materials.

Why does Natracare use wood pulp inside of the pads instead of cotton?

Although we use certified organic cotton for the top sheet of natracare pads and liners, we do not use cotton in the core of the pads for two very good reasons:

Firstly, cotton performs very poorly in the core of a pad as an absorbent material simply because of its fibre chemistry. Cotton fibres are 70% crystalline and only 30% amorphous whereas fluff pulp derived from pine wood is 70% amorphous and 30% crystalline.

Secondly, it is a matter of carbon management. All plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), but trees are best because they process significantly more CO2 as part of photosynthesis than smaller plants due to their large size and extensive root structures. Trees have much more “woody biomass” to store CO2 than smaller plants and are also able to store carbon in the forest soil. As a result, trees are considered nature’s most efficient “carbon sinks”, quickly absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, locking it away and giving us back oxygen. Natracare uses only fluff pulp made from fast growing, Scandinavian softwood trees sourced from sustainable, managed, natural forests.

Some other brands say they are “cotton-like”, does this mean they are made from cotton?

No, they are not made from cotton and neither do they contain any cotton fibres. Using this term is a way of tricking you into thinking that it is made from cotton without actually breaking the trade description laws. The “cotton-like” covers are made of synthetic materials.