$5.00 monthly fee for recycling program participation for ONE household.This nominal fee helps cover the cost of shipping, processing, storage, and sorting.

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Pink Elephant Products is partnering with TerraCycle and other commercial recycling partners to help our customers and local businesses get closer to Zero Waste AND support non-profits at the same time!  You can bring us certain items that most municipalities do not recycle, such as juice bags and baby food pouches. We will collect and get these items to our partners for complete recycling.  

Some of the items we collect help us earn points which are redeemed for donations to our non-profit partners.

Items can be dropped off any time during business hours at our retail store.  Customers can also drop off items at our Downtown Detroit office or our production facility in Midtown.  PLEASE CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW YOU’RE MAKING A DROP OFF at our production facility or downtown office.  


The fee for our recycling program is $5 per month when you join our Recycling Club. This nominal fee helps cover the cost of shipping, processing, storage, and sorting. 

Please note that the monthly recycling club fee applies to INDIVIDUAL HOUSEHOLDS ONLY. We are NOT able to accept items from the collection programs of other retail stores, municipalities, multi-unit housing (apartment) complexes, non-profit groups, offices, social clubs, churches, etc. at this time.  Please help keep our program affordable by not abusing this policy.   ​


$10 monthly fee for once-weekly compost drop-off during store hours of up to 6 gallons plus one free box of 3 or 7 gal. compost bags each quarter.  


Join our Zero Waste Champion Club and bring us both your compost and recycling, plus enjoy additional benefits!  Pay the monthly subscription fee for both the compost and recycling clubs in one lump annual payment at $30 less than 12 months of the monthly rate.  You'll still receive one box of compostable bags per quarter PLUS a countertop compost bin!

Please help us keep this program affordable and sustainable by NOT bringing us items that are not on our list.  We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about what is accepted. Unfortunately, not all plastic is recyclable, and not all brands have committed to making sure that there is a way to recycle their products’ packaging.  Unless the brand is SPECIFICALLY mentioned, we do not accept flexible stand-up plastic pouches, which are a very popular form of consumer product packaging. Please note that we do not take ALL brands of pet food bags, we do not take ALL Amazon shipping envelopes (the manila envelopes lined with bubble wrap are not accepted), and we do not accept ANY items that should go in your curbside bin.  Dirty or wet items are not accepted and will be thrown away - all items, including plastic bags, must be clean and dry.​


  • NEW!  Disposable surgical masks and gloves (from individuals, NOT medical facilities)

  • Plastic film and plastic bags (grocery and newspaper bags, Ziplock bags, bubble wrap and air cushions, cereal bags, bread bags, multipack wraps such as bottled water and cans. NO frozen food bags, cellophane, food bags such as shredded cheese bags, salad bags, etc.)

  • ALL packaging from ALL brands of vitamins, minerals, and supplements; cough, cold, pain, and flu medicine; sexual well-being, personal care, and foot care products; and infant formula and child nutrition.

  • ALL BRANDS of performance nutritional packaging including protein bars and powders, energy chews packets; energy gel packets; hydration, recovery, and energy drinks

  • ALL disposable coffee and soda cups 

  • ALL BRANDS dental care products (toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss, mouthwash bottles, etc.)

  • ALL BRANDS Drink Pouches/Juice Bags (Capri Sun, etc.)

  • ALL BRANDS Squeezable Baby Food/Snack Food Pouches

  • ALL BRANDS of Snack Bags (Family-size snack bags, individual snack bags, and multipack snack bags) and ALL BRANDS of Energy Bar Wrappers

  • ALL BRANDS of disposable razors and packaging

  • Old/broken holiday string lights

  • ALL Burt’s Bees brand packaging

  • ALL EPS - expanded polystyrene, commonly referred to as Styrofoam – take-out food containers, meat trays, product packaging, cups, egg cartons, etc.

  • Arm & Hammer/Oxi-Clean Pouches

  • Barilla Ready Pasta Packs

  • ALL Bimbo Bakery/Bread Packaging (Parent company of Thomas, Sara Lee, Arnold, Brownberry, Entemann’s, Ballpark, Beefsteak, Boboli, and Nature’s Harvest).  We do take ALL bread bags, but these particular brands help earn money for nonprofits. 

  • BRITA Disposable water filters (PUR is no longer accepting filters for recycling)

  • Better Natured Personal Care Packaging

  • CALBEE Pouches

  • Candles - Yankee Candle, Woodwick Candle, and Chesapeake Candles

  • ALL glass candle containers (even with wax and wicks left in the bottom!)

  • Chewed Gum (please place in a tightly sealed plastic Ziploc-type bag)

  • Chippin Snacks for Dogs

  • Entenmann's Little Bites Packaging

  • Wax Crayons 

  • Cerebelly Brand packaging

  • FEBREZE packaging, including aerosol cans

  • Guardian Pet Food

  • Gerber Brand baby food packaging

  • Glow Recipe cards/packaging

  • Earthborn Holistic Pet Food and Treat Packaging

  • Dawn Dish Soap/Oil of Olay/Old Spice Soft Packs

  • Bausch and Lomb Contact Lens Packaging

  • EOS brand cosmetics/personal care packaging

  • HAOMA Skin Care

  • Happy Family Organics

  • HASBRO brand ONLY toys and games (broken, non-donatable due to condition, etc.)

  • Havens Kitchen

  • Healthy Cell Gel Packs

  • HFactor Water Puches

  • Herbal Essences brand packaging

  • I And Love You Pet Food

  • Josie Maran cosmetics packaging

  • LimeLife by Alcone

  • Living Proof brand hair care products

  • LOL Surprise toys (ALL packaging and toy material)

  • Lundberg Family Farms food packaging

  • North Coast brand packaging

  • Mad Hippie brand personal care and cosmetics

  • Mountain House brand packaging

  • MyKirei by KAO brand hair/personal care/cosmetics

  • Once Upon A Farm brand packaging

  • Nature’s Heart Pouches

  • NBD Brand Cleaning/Household Supplies

  • NOW brand packaging

  • Open Farm brand pet food packaging

  • Rodan & Fields packaging

  • Rubbermaid containers (no matter the condition)

  • ALL Kroger Simple Truth packaging

  • Arbonne packaging

  • Tailored Pet Food

  • ALL Tom’s of Maine packaging 

  • Wellness brand pet food packaging

  • ZURU Bunch O Balloons