$10 monthly fee for once-weekly compost drop-off during store hours of up to 6 gallons plus one free box of 3 or 7 gal. compost bags each quarter.  

Be sure to check out our Recycling Club and Zero Waste Champion Club, too!

Even if you live in an apartment, don’t cook, aren’t home much, don’t have a backyard, don’t garden, or don’t want to deal with an outdoor compost pile or bin, you can STILL compost! 

  • We accept ALL food scraps - if it grows, it goes! We even accept meat, dairy, prepared food, and certified compostable takeout food containers and utensils, as we take our materials to a commercial/industrial composting facility.  

  • We DO NOT accept kitty litter, human or animal feces, or dirty diapers of any kind.

  • Drop off anytime during store hours - there’s no need to call ahead. During the pandemic, we’re open 12 to 5 Tuesday through Friday and 10 to 5 on Saturday (we’re closed on Sundays and Mondays). Our ours will expand and return to normal as the pandemic situation changes, so stay tuned!

  • We also carry kitchen countertop compost bins and bags, freezer compost bins, and large compostable bags inside our retail store and online.

  • During the pandemic,  you DO NOT have to come inside the store to drop off your compost!  The entire process can be contactless if you choose! We have a bin right outside our door.  The bin is kept locked, so just text us at 313-316-1173 or call the store directly at 313-873-7330 to let us know you're dropping off so we can unlock the bin.

  • After your first month, we will send an e-invoice monthly that you can pay online.  Cancel at anytime for any reason.

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