200 pages.   Learn helpful tips for using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), a fossilized diatom/algae mineral powder for a wide variety of practical purposes leading to better health for people, pets, animals, homes, gardens and environment.  Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is safe enough for ingestion, yet can also be used effectively and safely all around the home and garden. Partner this book with our  1 pound bag of high quality, reputably sourced food grade diatomaceous earth (sold separately).  

Going Green With Diatomaceous Earth



CHAPTER ONE: What On Earth Is Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Where Does It Come From, & How Does it Work?

CHAPTER TWO: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) & The Benefits As A Safer & Healthier Home & Garden Insecticide:

CHAPTER THREE: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) & The Benefits In Grain Storage For Humans & Animals.

CHAPTER FOUR: How To Use Diatomaceous Earth (DE) In Agriculture:
CHAPTER FIVE: Application Tools & Methods For DE Success.
CHAPTER SIX: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) For Human Health & Beauty Benefits: New Interest & Research In Human Ingestion:
* The Growing Public Interest & Demand For DE In Human Supplements.
* Favorable Scientific Studies Emerge For The Role Of Silicon Dioxide In The Human Body,
* Diatomaceous Earth Used In Medicine To Treat E.coli,
* The Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth For Eliminating Intestinal Parasites,
* How Does Diatomaceous Earth Work As An Anti-Parasitic?
* Detoxifying & Cleansing The Colon With Diatomaceous Earth
* Other Interesting Facts About Diatomaceous Earth For Humans--Diatomaceous Earth’s Role In The Cosmetic & Beauty Industry DE As An Anti-Wrinkle Defying Cream, * DE In Facial Cleansing Masks, * DE In Exfoliating Facial Scrubs.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Health Risks Linked to Chemical Insecticides: Medical, Scientific & Journal Reports of Illnesses & Diseases Caused By Chemical Toxins & Why Diatomaceous Earth Is Safer.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Safety Precautions: Important Things To Know When Choosing & Using Diatomaceous Earth.