Save more than 60% with our new concentrates!  Our new economical concentrates not only save you money, but reduce waste! Instead of purchasing a brand new bottle, use the 8 ounce bottle of concentrate to refill your original bottle 4 times! 

No film, streaks, or haziness left behind - just clean!  No harsh odors and no synthetic fragrance.  Plant-derived surfactants.  Biodegradable.  Fresh, clean scent of PETAL POWER essential oil blend. 16 ounce amber trigger-spray glass bottle.


IN-STORE ONLY:  Bring back the bottle for refilling!  Or bring your own container - we also sell our Glass Cleaner by the ounce.  You can still order online and pick up curbside or in the store, even if you are refilling. If you're bringing back the original bottle, select 'Refill Original Bottle' at check out and bring the bottle with you.  If you want to refill whatever container you have on hand at home, select 'Refill By the Ounce', check out online, then set up an appointment for pick up and bring the bottle with you. 

Glass Cleaner

PriceFrom $0.35

Ethyl alcohol, purified water, caprylyl/myristyl glucoside, PETAL POWER essential oil blend (lavandin oil, sweet orange oil, atlas cedarwood oil, palmarosa oil, bergamot oil), potassium sorbate