The pumps come with the collar that attaches them to one the included soap pump adapter lids and 4″ tube that you can cut to fit any size jar. Pint and quart jars work well. The pump mechanism plus straw is about 6″ long, which means it comes to about one inch from the bottom of a quart jar.

Be sure to cut the tube short enough that it does not touch the bottom of your jar. If the tube is touching the bottom, the plastic collar will work its way off the bottom much more quickly. You can use a drop of super glue between the plastic collar and pump if you find the collar comes loose too often.

They are made of stainless steel and plastic. The satin finish looks like a natural or brushed stainless steel. The mirror finish is similar to chrome. The threading is 28/400.

Because the foaming mechanism is larger than a regular soap pump mechanism, these will not fit liquor bottles like the regular soap pumps will. Both types screw onto 1″ threads, but the foaming dispensers require a thinner adapter or bottle. We recommend you only use them with Mason jar soap lids.

There are lots of good recipes on the internet for home made foaming soap, and they are all pretty similar.
Use somewhere between a 1:4 and 1:6 ratio of soap:water. Any liquid soap will work.
First put warm water in your jar. Then carefully add the soap so it doesn’t get bubbly. Add a few drops of essential oils or some vegetable glycerin if you want to.
Screw the lid with the pump onto the jar, and mix the contents up.
Comes with 16 ounce (pint) mason jar.

Foaming Soap Pump Dispenser

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