The safer choice for use around children and pets!  Can be used in kitchen, bathroom, floor drains, grease traps, and boat/RV drains.  Available in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon sizes.

  • Based on natural enzyme technology that won’t harm older plumbing
  • Removes build-up
  • Helps prevent clogs in the first place
  • Keeps garbage disposals and drains smelling fresh!

Drain Cleaner


Shake well before using.  For a slow drain, pour ¾ cup to 1 cup down your drain for 3 to 5 consecutive nights, in the evening or when the drain will not be used for the remainder of the day.  For severe clogs, as the enzymes break down organic material, the drain may initially seem slower.  A plunger may be necessary after treatment.  For regular maintenance, use ¾ cup to 1 cup of product twice a week to keep drain clear and smelling fresh.  FOR GARBAGE DISPOSALS:  Pour ½ cup directly into disposal.  Use 2 to 3 times per week to keep disposal clean and fresh.  Not for use in septic systems or cesspools.