The Countertop with Fluoride Filter gives you and your family the highest level of filtration through its multi-stage series of filters, resulting in clean, mineralized alkaline water.

Ideal for large families looking for a natural alkaline water system with the highest contamination removal.  We also carry replacement filters for this product.

1. Makes water alkaline which helps your body maintain optimal pH.

2. Adds healthy minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals.

3. Ceramic Pre-Filter removes large sized particles such as microplastics, rust, bacteria and sediment.

4. Reduces fluoride up to 98%.

5. Reduces chlorine up to 99%.

6. Reduces agricultural contaminants and heavy metals. 

7. Energy balls and maifain stones stabilize and maintain optimal pH.

8. Magnetic dispenser spout realigns water molecules for optimal absorption and quicker hydration.

Filter Life: 6 months or 475 GAL

Countertop Alkaline Water Dispenser with Fluoride Filter

PriceFrom $39.99

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Santevia’s filtration systems effectively reduce tap water contaminants such as chlorine, lead and heavy metals.

Unlike conventional filtration, Santevia adds healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals into water. These minerals improves the taste of the water while also helping you get your daily intake of minerals. 

Simply put, Santevia takes out the bad and adds the good. 


City water treatment adds chlorine to water to suppress the proliferation of bacteria during transportation to your home. While the water we get from our tap is bacteria-free, it also contains chemical disinfectant that is not healthy to drink. 

Moreover, as a result of agricultural and industrial activity, city and well water is often contaminated with heavy metals and industrial contaminants.

Santevia filters are designed to effectively reduce chemical disinfectants, heavy metals and industrial contaminants to ensure your water is healthy.

Santevia filtration systems are rigorously tested by independent labs to ensure effective contaminant reduction.  The products are tested to meet or exceed National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards.

Read below to see what Santevia filters and why:


  • Contributes to tap water’s poor taste and smell

  • Bathing and showering in chlorinated water may irritate skin and eyes

  • Long term exposure may  increase risk of cancer

  • May damage good gut bacteria where70% of our immune system operates

  • Learn more: 5 Harms of Drinking Chlorine


  • Exposure to lead may  cause negative neurological effects

  • In adults, it can lead to brain damage resulting in:

    • Problems with cognition

    • Difficulty with fine motor control

    • Challenges with executive brain functions which impacts behaviour and decision-making

  • In children, lead exposure can result in:

    • Increased risk of attention-related behavioural problems such as ADHD

    • Decreased cognitive performance 


  • In children, exposure to fluoride has been linked to impaired cognitive development 

  • In adults, exposure to fluoride has been linked to higher risk thyroid disorders 

  • Learn more: New Fluoride Filter 


  • Exposure to mercury could lead to neurological and behavioural disorders

  • Learn more: Health Hazards of Heavy Metals 


  • High exposure levels can be toxic resulting in nausea and vomiting 

  • Learn more: Health Hazards of Heavy Metals


  • Chronic exposure can lead to kidney and lung disease

  • Learn more: Health Hazards of Heavy Metals


  • Microplastic exposure in the body could lead to inflammation and cellular damage

  • Exposure over the long term could lead to tissue damage and higher risk of cancer

  • Learn More: Microplastics - Are You Consuming It?

Minerals and taste

Conventional filtration leaves water void of healthy minerals. Santevia’s filtration process infuses each drop of water with healthy minerals. 

Minerals are essential to keep our bodies operating at their best and are the secret ingredient to the fresh mountain taste of Santevia water. 

The World Health Organization recommends drinking mineralized water and suggests you can get up to 20% of your daily mineral intake from water. 

Minerals added by Santevia filtratio