These bags are made in the United States by individuals who are blind or visually impaired.  

ASTM 6400 Compostable bags are engineered for composting and the collection of organic waste. These compostable bags will typically degrade in 10 to 45 days and biodegrade in less than six months in a commercial compost facility. ASTM 6400 Compostable bags meet the stringent requirements of ASTM D6400 and carry the USCC and BPI certifications.

NOTE: 7 gallon bags are ideal for use in 5 gallon plastic buckets which are common in residential compost collection programs.

Compostable Trash Bags

Size and Quantity


These bags have industry leading elasticity allowing the bag to fit your bins snugly without splitting or slipping into the bin


Once punctured or stretched too far, most compostable bags tear or zipper very easily. Not these bags! Stretch them and see for yourself. These bags offer better strength and performance, saving you time and money.


Why put a bag in your bin to keep it clean if the bag leaks or allows moisture to seep into the bin? EcoSafe~6400® bags create a moisture barrier in your bin even with boiling hot coffee grounds. These bags will not leak or fall apart in your bin.


EcoSafe~6400® compostable bags are made with a star-seal bottom that is guaranteed not leak or fail.  They are built strong and are guaranteed to hold a minimum of 50 lbs ensuring that if you can lift the bag, it will not break and spill food waste.


EcoSafe~6400® compostable bags are BPI Certified to comply with ASTM D6400 specifications for safety and compostability in modern short term composting systems. 

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