2 ounces.  This product is available in our in-store refill station.  Save $1.00 by bringing this bottle back for refilling, or bring your own bottle and purchase by the ounce.

Made with 100% authentic Chebe powder from Chad, Africa.

Chebe is the secret to very long hair in Chad. In Chad women’s hair often goes past their waist. Moisturizes hair and prevents breakage. The Basara women in Chad are known to have very long hair. They cover their hair in a home made mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why their hair never breaks. Made with ingredients that are only found in Chad and Sudan. Unlike shea butter and other hair moisturizers, Chebe penetrates the hair shaft to prevent breakage like nothing else.

Chebe Shampoo and Conditioner also available (sold separately).

Chebe Hair Growth Oil

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