This beautiful Mango wood incense holder/ash catcher is perfectly suited for your favorite stick incense. It is elegant, simple, and perfect for any space.  With a slight curve to it, it is designed to hold the stick over its length so the ashes fall upon its surface.  Painted black and decorated with a carved design, it is well suited for a wide range of mystical and spiritual traditions.


Black Incense Holder - Mango Wood


Mango wood's core and visual characteristics are similar to those of teak. Since Mango trees can be more quickly replenished than teak and several other tree types that are listed as vulnerable or near extinction, this wood has become a viable alternative to it, and it has given a chance to several types of trees to rebound and thrive.  Mango tree itself is not listed as threatened or vulnerable, because today this tree can not only be found in southern Asia (and especially India where this tree is very common) but also in several other countries around the world where the dry and hot climate fits the needs of this incredible tree. In the United States, Mango can be grown only in the southernmost states.

Mango wood is categorized as a hardwood because of its strength, density, attractive looks and durability that allows it not to wear out quickly and keep its high luster texture for many years. The fascinating texture of mango gives this wood a special kind of appeal, with colors ranging from dark tones to light brown, sometimes with a hint of pink. As with many other types of woods, Mango wood will slowly get darker with age. It has excellent durability in water and its internal structure easily repels water damage.