This beautiful Sheesham wood incense holder/ash catcher is perfectly suited for your favorite stick incense. It is elegant, simple, and perfect for any space.   With a slight curve to it, it is designed to hold the stick over its length so the ashes fall upon its surface.  Decorated with a white diamond inlay design, it is well suited for a wide range of mystical and spiritual traditions.

Indian Rosewood, or Sheesham wood as it is more commonly known, is a deciduous rosewood tree that is native to the Indian Sub-continent and Southern Iran. Primarily found growing around river banks at below 3, 000 feet of elevation, they can sometimes be found growing naturally at up to 4,300 feet of elevation.  It is highly resistant to dry wood termites, making it decay-resistant; Sheesham wood is also a dense wood and is extremely durable.

Brown Incense Holder - Sheesham Wood