Grown, harvested and woven in Mexico, these natural fiber washcloths are a useful addition to every natural home. Ayate cloth is from 100% dried Agave fiber, and when soaked in water, its natural fibers soften, expand, and then the weave tightens back to improve its strength and pliability.

Ideal for skin care, the Ayate washcloth invigorates the skin and stimulates circulation while gently exfoliating.  Great for removing facial cleansers, even oil cleansers. Ayate cloth is mildew resistant, lasts up to 1-2 years, and may be washed with normal laundry.  Available in fine weave (best for facial cleansing) and medium weave (provides more exfoliation for the body).  Measures 12 by 12 inches.

Ayate Washcloths